A Bright New Year

A Bright New Year

We started off the New Year on a bright note, with a family holiday in the sun. As business owners we are sure of one thing: time is most definitely precious. And family time together more so. We haven’t been away from the studio in three years, and while it seems that it’s never a good time, we were ready to recharge our batteries. Now we’re back in the studio with a fresh perspective and big plans for 2012. NSS seems like it’s just around the corner (we’ll be there in booth #1655-1657, in great company among some of our favorite vendors) and we have a lot of work to do (can’t wait to share). Our best wishes to you for a mighty fine year ahead. – G.

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  1. Tyler says:

    Good to hear! It’s amazing how stepping away can give you the boost you need 🙂

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