Bunny Chalkboard Paint Valentines

Bunny Chalkboard Paint Valentines

Our daughter Sophie spent the weekend crafting Valentines for her classmates and making her own batch of cookies to take along for the class party. When you’re nine, it’s important that your Valentines don’t say “Be Mine” or indicate lovey-doveyness in any form when boys are the recipients. So, simple chalkboard-painted bunny cards paired with each child’s name in coloured chalk did the trick, paired with some cute patterned envelopes (aqua for the boys, of course).

Wishing you and yours a lovely Valentine’s Day!

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  1. chloe dunn says:

    What a great idea Gloria!!!!! Love and miss you!!!!

  2. Love this idea Gloria. Sophie’s friends will be oh so lucky to receive these cute valentine’s tomorrow 😉 Cheers!

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