Field trip.

Field trip.

The Kate & Birdie studio is undergoing a little freshening up and we’ve been on the hunt for some new (or perhaps old) studio fixtures. Today’s little field trip provided a little more than a good bargain on some vintage goods… I spent most of my time photographing the vintage type and deep, worn military greens we found and walked away with some inspiration. And the bonus: we found what will be our new coffee table. Steve and I been looking for just the right one and found it in three individual wood file cabinets (those up there in the bottom right) that stack or work side-by-side. They need a little love, but they have a shaker-style wood trim on the top of each that will look neat lined up together. Wishing you a happy weekend. – G.

2 Responses to Field trip.

  1. Gloria, love the wood file cabinets – they’ll make the most divine coffee table! I am all for vintage furniture and signage. Can’t wait to see how you pull it all together 😉

  2. Kailey says:

    At last some raitinaloty in our little debate.

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