Make It: File Folders

Make It: File Folders

Here at the Kate & Birdie studio, we like to surround ourselves with pretty things to inspire us while we work. Looking to put a fresh spin on everyday office supplies, we applied remnants of K&B wrapping paper to hum drum file folders for a pretty and punchy touch. We chose our umbrella and brownstone wrapping papers for their fresh aqua and chartreuse palette.  – Amy

Looking to roll up your sleeves and make your own set of folders?  Here’s how:

What You’ll Need
File folders
Wrapping paper remnants
Glue stick
Utility knife – a small one will work best

01. Lay file folder over piece of wrap and trace the outline of folder with a pencil.
02. Remove file folder. Place metal ruler along one of your straight pencil guides. With your utility knife, begin cutting along edge of ruler. Continue moving your ruler and knife around, cutting along all straight pencil guides.
03. Trim rounded corners free-hand (no ruler). Note: Slow and steady is the trick.
04. With your glue stick, apply adhesive to outside cover of file folder.
05. Lay wrap over glued side of folder. With your hands, press wrapping paper down. Work from the centre out to reduce bubbling.
06. Repeat steps 01 – 05 to cover the front inside of the folder.

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