Brown Paper Packages

Brown Paper Packages

Here at Kate & Birdie, we’re known for our recycled paper goods and vegetable based inks, but we put just as much thought into selecting low-impact packaging that’s as easy on the environment as our cards are. Take the brown paper bag envelopes that accompany many of K&B’s popular cards. Their quirky, crafty and earthy friendly appeal are most fitting of Kate & Birdie Paper Co.’s whimsically-styled brand. As a fun flourish, we like addressing these envelopes with white ink and finishing the look off with a charming stamp.  – Amy

Images: All snapshots were taken with Instagram on Gloria’s iPhone. Follow Gloria on Instagram here.

Above: Kate & Birdie’s Thankful Owls card and quirky, recycled brown bag envelope is sure to charm it’s recipient.

Above: There’s nothing prettier than handwritten mail-outs packaged in brown bag envelopes and stamped with the K&B logo.

Above: Kate & Birdie’s Bunnies Thanks (shown right-front) and Yellow Magnolias (shown right-back) boxed note sets make an earthy statement when paired with recycled brown bag envelopes.

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