Make It: A little girl’s dollhouse

Make It: A little girl’s dollhouse

A local friend of Kate & Birdie sent photos of a sweet little dollhouse she’s been working on for a young houseguest arriving soon – a little girl named Lola. Brandy used Kate & Birdie wrapping paper as wallpaper and tiny mod wooden furniture to transform a simple bookcase into a dollhouse perfectly suited for a little lady. We love how Brandy chose the style of wrap to suit each room: yellow bunnies in a little one’s room and more grown up tangerine dahlias in the master bedroom. So sweet.

Have you used Kate & Birdie wrap to transform a gift or tackle a project at home? Send us your photos at We would love to see the results!  – Gloria

A few sheets of Kate & Birdie’s wrap and a can of spray adhesive are all that’s needed to transform a basic bookcase into a darling dollhouse.

Brandy used brightly coloured wrapping paper from Kate & Birdie to “wallpaper” the modern dollhouse she created for Lola.

Modern wood miniatures strike just the right note set against a backdrop of Kate & Birdie’s carnival wrap

Brandy opted to mix and match the wraps’ colours and patterns to lend each room a different feel.

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