Make It…Origami Garland

Make It…Origami Garland

We were enchanted by an origami garland, featured on Discover Paper a while back, made from strips of patterned scrapbooking paper. We immediately envisioned the star-studded garland in a holiday setting and opted to put a fresh and festive spin on the time-honoured tradition of folding paper by repurposing remnants of wrap from the studio. For a surprising dose of yuletide cheer, we chose an eclectic blend of patterns in yellow, aqua, peach and charcoal.  – Amy

Note: This project was created for Holiday 2012 issue of Covet Magazine. You can find all 5 of our wrapping paper projects on Page 25 & 26 of their digital magazine here.

An unexpected mix of colours and patterns holds seasonal appeal.

Kate & Birdie wrap: Yellow Magnolias, Brownstone Doors, Hummingbirds, Peach Berries and Charcoal Pine Cones

What You’ll Need
Wrapping paper remnants
Glue Stick
Baker’s twine or string

01. Measure and trim wrapping paper into strips of 29cm by 3/4″ to 1-1/4″ wide.
02. Fold strips of wrap back and forth (accordion style) at 1 cm increments.
03. Glue ends together and press lightly to create the star shape.
04. To maintain shape, glue a small piece of cardboard to the back of the star.

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