Shop Love: Urbanic Paper Boutique

Shop Love: Urbanic Paper Boutique

We’ve been lucky enough to work with Urbanic Paper Boutique ever since we can remember. In fact, they were one of the first shops stateside to carry our paper goods. For paper lovers, Urbanic is a visual treat, like the perfect candy shop. Delicious paper goods in bright patterns and hues pop off the crisp white walls and fixtures. And all in the perfect setting no less: sunny Venice, California.

Owners Audrey and Joshua Woollen are some of the most charming folks you’ll meet (you can read more about their story here) and their little family is a favorite of ours to follow through Instagram and Urbanic’s blog, Parcel Post.

We asked Audrey and Joshua to fill us in on a little more about Urbanic here (their response to ‘something we may not know about them’ is my favorite). To find Urbanic’s curated selection of paper goods online (including Kate & Birdie), visit their lovely pop-up shop here. – Gloria

Name three things in the shop you can’t live or work without.
No. 1 Graph paper subject notepads and dark grey Le Pens. I use them both for everything.
No. 2 I love having the luxury of a nice little selection of washi tape to use for just about everything.
No. 3 Cards! I know this seems sort of obvious, but it’s legit. I love sending and receiving cards and am a true believer in sending good mail.

What’s on your desk right now?
No. 1 A small pile of found papers that I’ve been saving to put up on my bulletin board for inspiration this month.
No. 2 A water bottle that I’m trying (so hard!) to remember to drink.
No. 3 A binder full of orders organized by month.
No. 4 A file folder labeled “to do” that’s stuffed with things that need to get done asap.
No. 5 A few pretty things from the shop I intend to shoot for social media today. And by the way, yes… I have a huge desk!

Do you collect anything?
Audrey – not really, but then again, whenever I’m at the flea market I feel like I always need to come home with some sort of small vintage treasure to accent our lives with.
Joshua – good music: I love finding and collecting rare tracks of electronic beats, indie pop and intelligent hip-hop.

What inspires you and what you choose to offer at Urbanic?
We both love good design. Whether it’s found in architecture, fashion, interior design, landscape, furniture, or stationery. We’re both drawn to fresh and styled invention and inspired by it. When it comes to what we order for the shop, we curate the shop based on what we’re feeling or concepting that month.

Can you tell us something we may not know about Urbanic or about you and Joshua as the owners?
We started out our business by renting out a tiny garage space and decking it out the best we could to make a home base for our little stationery line. One day when strolling down Abbot Kinney we saw a cute store front ‘for rent’ and decided to just take a risk and go for it. The day we signed the lease we were equally excited and terrified for this new endeavor in our lives. The day after we signed it we found that we were pregnant! All this to say that our lives took a massive turn on many fronts that week.

What is your favorite Kate & Birdie product?
Audrey – Lately I’m particularly excited about the gold foil boxed notes and the chalkboard & cake stand birthday card but there is always so much to love.
Joshua – Any of the k&b cards with a ship, hot air balloon or street post on it, are an automatic favorite of mine.

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(All images courtesy of Jennifer Chong and Urbanic Paper Boutique.)

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  1. lori c says:

    LOVE this post. I use to visit a sister in Santa Monica for years and Abbot Kinney was our place to find funky and fresh. I so wish Urbanic was there when I was there. Now I have to covet those treasures from a far.

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