Inspired by…Love Desk Card

Inspired by…Love Desk Card

To celebrate Valentine’s Day and our new love collection, we’re being Inspired by… our copper foil love desk card. It was a rather easy choice as the card features some great office supplies and a highly coveted retro pink typewriter. (I know I’ve wanted one ever since I first laid eyes on the one in Janine Vangool of UPPERCASE‘s collection.)

And if you’re looking for more charming desk accessories, check out our previous Inspired by… post on ourĀ Desk Illustrated Notepad! – Julie

Kate & Birdie - Inspired by...Sending Love Desk Card

Inspired by: Sending Love Desk card | 1. Vintage pink Royal Quite DeLuxe Typewriter | 2. Vintage pink milk glass mugs | 3. Maple rulers | 4. Mint green pencils | 5. Gold handle Gingher shears

* images via their respective sources

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