Shop Love: Tiny Feast

Shop Love: Tiny Feast

We’re so excited for this installment of Shop Love, as it features a new store in our very own neighbourhood! Tiny Feast is the first shop of its kind here in Winnipeg, offering patrons stationery goods, housewares and gifts not typically found in our neck of the woods.

Danika and Drex, a husband-and-wife team, opened Tiny Feast last fall and have been delighting local paper lovers ever since. Their keen eye coupled with internationally sourced products have brought great design to the prairies. The space itself is as much a visual feast for the eyes as the goodies inside it; elements of the building’s rich history are brought to life with contemporary fixtures, making for the perfect canvas for an exquisitely curated collection of goods. It’s everything a shop in Winnipeg’s historic Exchange District should be.

To find out more about this budding stationery heaven, we’ve asked Danika and Drex a few questions about Tiny Feast…

JanineKropla (Photo by Janine Kropla)

Name three things in the shop you can’t live or work without.
1) Our Italian Ellepi stapler. I use it to staple receipts for each purchase; with its tiny staples and a little “crunch” with each use, it is so satisfying. Very much a simple pleasure, but one that I now consider a necessity!
2) The Stendig calendar. It’s such an iconic, bold piece; and at 3×4 feet in size, it’s hard to miss. I’m a bit scatter-brained these days, and I never know what day of the week it is… with this guy around I have no excuse!
3) Washi tape! Oh all the uses for this tape! I’ve realized how perfect it is. Besides being gorgeous, it has the right amount of stickiness without leaving a residue behind. I use it all over the shop, at my workspace, and at home. For the longest time I was wondering what all the fuss was about and now I totally get it.


What’s on your desk right now?
Far too much! Sadly, it’s always a mess… there are about a hundred to-do lists, pages of ideas jotted down, about a dozen pencils, a few pens, five kinds of tape, cards to be filled out and a few to pop in the mail – and always a coffee, my laptop, and iPhone.

Do you collect anything?
We’ve moved a few times over the last few years, and it always makes us re-evaluate what we’re okay with hoarding and what we need to let go of. We try to strike a balance between keeping sentimental and inspirational things around, while still maintaining a somewhat minimal and simple living space. We have a lot of little quirky finds from European flea markets, a big pile of artwork we have yet to frame and hang, and we are both suckers for old books about graphic design, printing, and anything containing imagery we like.


What inspires you and what you choose to offer at Tiny Feast?
When we started dating, one of our first conversations was about our shared love of new “school supplies” (even as non-students), and the appreciation of a good pencil. We love little things that elevate everyday life – it’s nice when the products you need on a daily basis in your home or workspace are also a pleasure to use and look at. Whether you work in a cubicle, a classroom, or a nook you’ve carved out at your kitchen table, our hope is that you will leave our shop with something that might inspire your day. We are drawn to products with bold graphics, interesting colour palettes, and a timeless aesthetic. Also, cards featuring a good pun are a favourite of ours!

Can you tell us something we may not know about Tiny Feast or about you two as the owners?
We love the history of the Exchange District (the neighbourhood of our shop, and now also where we live!). From 1882 to 1920, McDermot Avenue west of Main Street was known as “Newspaper Row” and was the location of Winnipeg’s major newspapers. Our shop’s building was built on this street in 1883 and housed the Free Press from 1900-1905. With backgrounds in graphic design and printmaking, we are both interested in the history of printing. We like to learn about these things and to know we’re connected to them in a small way.

What is your favourite Kate & Birdie product?
I have always loved the charcoal pine cones wrapping paper—it’s perfect for any season and any occasion! My new favourite is the “My One and Only” copper foil card—it’s just so simple and lovely.



tinyfeast_interior(Photos by Tiny Feast)

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  1. Suzanne says:

    As I head into retirement and close my shop in May (after 28 years,, I am so happy to see new young blood in our industry! The store is beautiful and I am so sad that I missed it when I was in Winnipeg last weekend. Next trip!

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