Kate & Birdie Turns Eleven

Kate & Birdie Turns Eleven

Kate & Birdie turns 11 today! We want to say a big thank you. To you, to our retailers and to our partners for this incredible decade in business.

I also wanted to share with you some of the changes that have taken place over the last year. Last spring, just days after celebrating our 10th birthday, we were hit with an unexpected illness, which would become our second major diagnosis in just over a year. The first was paired with two family emergencies, which felt like a blow. But we learned that wonderful and amazing things can come from difficult circumstances. Mostly, we realized that life is short, and family is most important – and at the time, that resulted in having our son Sam, ten years after our daughter. So, over last summer we closed our studio to have time to recover, build a small studio on our property and move closer to home. It was a curveball that felt more like a gift. We were ready for more simplicity and family time, and by the fall after our best year in business, we decided to close the wholesale division of our paper goods. This means we now have more time for what we love: design, and creating beautiful work for our partners (like Moda Fabrics and ultimately, more time for these two. – Gloria

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  1. Wendy Stewart from Bee Charmed Marketplace says:

    Need to order more product.
    Thank you

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